Being religious automatically makes you pretty.

November 28, 2011 By: aamin

When I read this article I started laughing. I’m 25 years old and watching my parents and their relationship always seems to crack me up. My mother stopped wearing makeup about 15 years ago. Just recently she started again, and my first thought, ” ewwww”. ” Why are you wearing makeup”. My mom then said I learned that you should dress up for your husband, it makes them happy. My baba’s face lights up when my mom wears her kajol and lipgloss, ( she doesn’t go overboard like her daughters :) ) I still think it is weird, but it makes sense at the same time, especially in this day and age!  Men have the shortest attention span and their eyes wander here and there. So as a woman I want to ask how many people get ready for their husbands?  I read this article which gave a great perspective on Piety & Beauty. Hey even the practicing followers need some glam time with each other!

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